Accept the challenge to participate in Permobil Foundation & Team ALeX’s “Spend A Day In My Wheels” Wheelchair Challenge! The Team ALeX Challenge is an effort to raise awareness about people that use assistive mobility devices. Team ALeX challenges participants to spend a work or school day doing their daily activities in a wheelchair. Alex designed the challenge to open everyone’s eyes to the difficulties people with mobility devices face on a daily basis. Our hope is that by understanding the needs of people with mobility devices we can make the world become more accessible to everyone. Above all, Alex and the Permobil Foundation wants you to have a fun and eye-opening learning experience by seeing the world from his wheels!

Details about the Challenge:

• Spend a day in a manual TiLite wheelchair doing daily activities at your workplace or school and share your experience– SIMPLE!

What’s next:

• Accept the challenge (or for questions) EMAIL: the following information:

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